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Motivation to reach your goal...

Drive traffic and conversion with the original 3D body simulator based on thousands of full body scans.

See your future healthy goal model! Enter your height, weight, and select you body shape. Voila! Your virtual model appears at your current and goal weight. Make your model look like you by choosing skin tone, hair style, hair color, eyes, nose and mouth. No photo necessary. Now available from the cloud as a free widget or licensed API.

Hero models

3D model specifications

  1. Women and Men models
  2. BMI 16 to 52
  3. Choice of body shapes, skin tones, face & hair
  4. 4’ 10“ to 6‘ 4” tall
  5. Metric and Imperial units
  6. View from the front, side, back, and 3/4 angles
  7. Sign-up for complete on-line documentation.
Spinning models

What people are saying...

It has given me inspiration to get off my butt and get moving so I can look like the model of the weight I want to be!!!

Jennifer Rivera

If you're like me and hate to have you're picture taken, Model My Diet is another option for people who want a glimpse of their future, fitter selves."


Thank you so much for creating this. I recently lost what I thought was a decent amount of weight, yet I can't see it. This really helped me understand why! And now I can appreciate that there IS a noticeable difference. I feel a lot better than I did a few minutes ago!

Krista Roberts

A visual aid can really help with a goal. Now there is a website that will allow you to enhance your weight loss plan by creating virtual person.


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Please contact sales@modelmydiet.com or call 514-316-6973 for all sales inquiries.


Our free widget puts the Weight Loss Simulator on your web site. Sign-up for instructions on how to place the widget on your site or blog.

You can white label the user experience on your web site by purchasing a license. Sign-up for a free account to start developing and testing the API or widget right away! The API is throttled to 200 calls per day and the widget displays an ad with external links. Once you are ready you can purchase a license to remove the limits of the API or remove the ads from the widget. Technical support is only available once you have purchased a license.

For questions on pricing please contact sales@modelmydiet.com.

US Patent License

NEW Protect your company from litigation by adding our patent to your IP portfolio. Our patent, awarded by USPTO in 2010, covers dressing up virtual models with apparel, footwear and accessories - United States 7,663,648 - System And Method For Displaying Selected Garments On A Computer-simulated Mannequin

Contact sales@modelmydiet.com or call 514-316-6973 for patent inquiries.

About the company

We are an independant company striving to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle. We help people set and reach their personal goals. We believe everyone is different and beautiful in their own right. There is no such thing as a universal perfect body. By setting personal goals that are right for you, you can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle and feel proud about who you are.

We operate our own free weight loss simulator for men and women at http://modelmydiet.com. Over 10 million people have created their models from 223 countries and dependant regions around the world. Over the last 12 months 200 million simulations have been rendered over the internet to smart phones and web browsers.

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Please contact sales@modelmydiet.com or call 514-316-6973 for all sales inquiries.

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